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September 05, 2008


Dr. Karanja (A. Ajanaku)


Thanks for the timely reminder that I control my response to incoming information.

Fred Trascher, Jr.

Good article. We are still representative of the nation when it comes to "people behavior" here in Texas. We have "the good, the bad and the ugly" as does any U. S. State. Recall Hurrican Katrina? We in Houston as well as other Texas cities opened our arms and wallets to help our displaced neighbors - and many have stayed. It is a bit frustrating when so many illegals enjoy the many benefits received here while our homeless U. S. citizens, and some of those military veterans, at times suffer greatly. "But for the grace of God........"


We all grow up learning different ways to express our opinions. Some folks grow up in an environment where the most biting sarcasm or the trashiest talk wins the day, not the most reasoned and most supported argument. For those who grow up winning arguments by swinging sarcastic clubs, it can come as quite a shock to learn that their well-tuned clubbing skills are ineffective at winning true friends and influencing reasonable people. Ridicule is certainly not a skill that has any value in resolving cultural clashes. Ironically, engineers like me fall victim to the opposite error in that we tend to club others with cold, hard data while ignoring the emotional side of human behavior. We fail to seek to achieve buy-in for our position, thinking that if only others see our data we will naturally all come to the same conclusion. We often fail to account for others having different needs, different motivations, and different fears than our own. It is an error that is just as much a hindrance in trying to resolve cultural clashes as is sarcasm and ridicule.

Hawi Moore

I love your work all your articles are educative

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