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March 02, 2016



Sometimes the military lags behind the very society it is defending, and sometimes the military leads the way. It is good to see forward thinking in cultural diversity.

I am reminded of an article in the Wall Street Journal several years ago wherein the journalist explained how Marine basic training was instilling values and purpose in the recruits in a profound way. The newly-minted Marines often found that they no longer held much in common with their old, aimless friends back home when those Marines went home to visit.

I enlisted in the military for six years at a time in my life when I was adrift. I have never regretted that military service.

Hawi Moore

Thanks for sharing this post

Low IQ Kid

I live in Korea. Where US has maintained military bases for decades.

Unfortunately, I don't see much of cultural awareness from the soldiers as guidelined above. System is broken somewhere.

Linda Wallace

Thanks for sharing your experience. I plan to write the U.S. Army and put this question directly to its leaders. I want to know if there is a way people in other countries can relay and share experiences with the Army - good and bad. As citizens we want to know soldiers are getting the support and training they need to be culturally competent. They must be equipped for the roles we are giving them.

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